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The team at I'm Learning Online all have their own stories as to why they now work on this amazing project of teaching languages online in an environment that every childs needs to learn. The summary of it all comes down to the experiences we have had with children and the way they are currently taught languages....

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Our mission is to show every child the fun that can be had and the importance of learning another language and it's culture. To do this we want to provide the environment where childrens interest is ignited to absord as much as they can. We treat every child differently as every children learns in a different way and thus our system provides unique classes depending on the childs needs. The teacher in the classroom or the parents at home are a vital part of a childs learning experience. We at I'm learning online want to support the teacher's and the parents with time saving tools, lesson plans and reports that are intergrated with the items the students are studying
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