How I'm learning online will help your school

How I'm learning online will support your school
I’m learning online makes learning languages interactive and fun. Each lesson is personalised for a student, I’m learning online targets the students individual learning style, whether it is visual, aural or physical. We use a simple and powerful reward system recognising students for effort through collecting badges and gaining access to complimentary games. All results from lessons, exercises and tests are recorded to allow I’m learning online to respond to every student as an individual, delivering content specific to that student that will be successfully understood. This also means that students that are struggling in a particular area can receive additional support from the teacher when needed. The data collected from individual students is combined and based on common areas that students find challenging and targeted lesson plans are created for teachers to use in class. This contributes to teachers investing valuable lesson time on the topics that provide the most value to students.

We work with the teacher's

After communicating with 100's of world language teachers, our research has enabled us to build an educational tool that by igniting the students desire to learn a new language, increases the enjoyment for both the student and the teacher.
I'm learning Online is not a system to replace a teacher as they are always going to be a vital part of the learning process of the student. We are here to help both the teacher and the student.

What do we do to help with the teacher's challenges?

  • We made a system that adapts to each student and their learning needs. Each student will have their own path that will give them the 21st century skills they need to use a language.
    By using our gamification model, the student's will have fun while learning and will have motivation to use the language.
  • When the students are using I'm learning online the teacher doesn't have to prepare anything, we do it for you. I'm learning online is aligned with the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK, so we know what your students need and when. On top of that we will provide reports for the teacher to inform them of problems students or classes might be having and give guidance on how best to address them.
  • We all know that teaching large classrooms is a challenge even for the best teachers, but unfortunately that's what most education systems expect.
    Because I'm learning online is built to be individual to each student, every student can have all the attention and support needed. We provide native teaching assistants which the student's can also interact with to get further help with pronunciation and general tips to improve their skills.
  • Level difference, especially in large classes, is always hard for a teacher. As mentioned, I'm learning online treats and responds to every child's level.

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